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NameMr. Jacob Mayers
OrganizationUniversity of South Florida
TopicPhysical Chemistry

Photophysical study of Ruthenium (II) Tris-(2,2’-bipyridine) encapsulated within Uio-66 metal organic frameworks containing functionalized linkers


Jacob Mayers and Dr. Randy W. Larsen

Author Location(s)

University of South Florida


Uio-66 metal organic frameworks are thermally stable porous materials that provide an excellent environment for the encapsulation of photoactive guests. The guest of particular interest is Ruthenium (II) Tris-(2,2’-Bipyridine) (RuBpy) due to the relatively long lifetime and photostability of this class of complexes. Presented here is a photophysical study of RuBpy encapsulated Uio-66 MOFs and derivatives. The RuBpy encapsulated in each of the MOF frameworks were fit to a biexponential decay function. A bathochromatic shift is also observed in both the steady state emission and absorbance spectrum of each framework and these results also support the quenching of the photoactive RuBpy guest by the frameworks composed of BDC-NH2 and BDC-OH ligands. It is shown that the photophysical properties of RuBpy be altered through the adjustments of the Uio-66 framework by modifying the organic linkers supporting the inorganic Zr6O4(OH)4 clusters.