Saturday May 6th – Presentations

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Let’s Build Something Together: Collaborative Teaching in Science and the Technical Arts

Scott M. Ames1 and Kenneth A. Goldsby2

1. Agricultural Science Program, Ransom Middle School, Pensacola, FL 32533
2. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306

01:30 PM
to 04:15 PM
Chemistry Education

Six years ago, at FAME 2011, we described our initial efforts to encourage collaborations between shop teachers and science teachers in the State of Florida secondary school system. Our plan was to start conversations and forge new relationships between the teachers by showing them examples of equipment that could be built in shop class and used for classroom demonstrations and laboratory experiments in science class. Beyond providing equipment for the science teachers and new projects for the shop teachers, we expected that the real winners would be the students participating in the design and construction activities. We will give a brief progress report describing the reception to this initiative and some of the challenges encountered along the way. Following this presentation, participants in the associated workshop will build two demonstrations for their classroom from reasonably priced and readily available materials, using tools found in most secondary schools with a technical arts or agricultural science program.