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NameMiss Ouidad Lahtigui
OrganizationUniversity of Florida
TopicOrganic Chemistry

A Simple Strategy Toward the Synthesis of Terpenoid Cores


Ouidad Lahtigui and Prof. Alexander J. Grenning

Author Location(s)

Department of Chemistry, University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611-7200, USA


Medium-sized ring-containing terpenoids envelop a large and diverse array of natural products that have been implemented in drug research and recognized as important therapeutic agents. However, in many cases, low natural abundance and the colossal work required to isolate only small amounts of active substance limit medicinal evaluation. Many strategies emerged to circumvent the natural source. Nevertheless, the lengthy routes to access rather engineered precursors for these transformations as well as the high cost of specific reagents and organometallic catalysts render these methods less attractive for scalability. Herein we describe our new simple chemical method and scalable strategy toward the synthesis of polycyclic terpenoid core structures. Early-stage diversification by judicious choice of starting material will allow to access the core of natural products bearing 7-membered rings, this by utilizing inexpensive and readily available carbon sources. Late-stage diversification would ultimately allow the total synthesis of structurally complex and bioactive terpenoid natural products and their analogs.