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NameMiss Nicole Azbill
OrganizationUniversity of South Florida
TopicMaterials Chemisry

Photo-Release of Tryptamine and Tyramine from [Ru(II) bis(2,2'-bipyridine)]2+ Complexes Encapsulated within a Polyhedral Zn(II)-Trimesic Acid Metal-Organic Framework: A Photo-Dynamic Therapy Model


Nicole Azbill and Randy W. Larsen

Author Location(s)

University of South Florida, Tampa


Implantable drug delivery systems (IDDSs) are important technologies for the controlled and targeted delivery of bioactive molecules (BAMs) to desired tissue regions. One class of porous materials with significant potential for IDDS development are porous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) capable of functioning as hosts for photodynamic therapy guest molecules. Previous work has shown that guest molecules including photoactive [Ru(2,2’-bipyridine)3]2+ (RuBpy) as well as [Ru(2,2’-bipyridine)2(BAM)2]2+ (RuBpyBAM) complexes that photorelease BAMs upon light exposure can be encapsulated within the cavities of specific polyhedral MOFs. In this proof-of-concept study, [Ru(2-2’,bipyridine)2(tyramine)2]2+ (RuBpyTyra) and [Ru(2-2’, bipyridine)2c(tryptamine)2]2+ (RuBpyTryp) were synthesized, and then encapsulated within the polyhedral Zn(II)-trimesic acid MOF, USF2. The loading of RuTyra and RuTrypt were both observed to be 5% in USF2. The photorelase of tyramine and tryptamine from the RuBpy complex via optical light was confirmed by measuring the absorbance and emission over time. The measurement for quantum yields of photorelease from USF2 and the determination of the crystal structures are in-progress.