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NameMiss Jennifer Korchak
OrganizationUniversity of North Florida
TopicNatural Products



Jennifer Korchak, Amy Lane

Author Location(s)

Department of Chemistry, University of North Florida, Jacksonville FL, USA


Fu et al. reported the discovery of novel anticancer inducamides A-C from a marine derived Streptomyces sp. strain SNC109-M3 that was obtained through a selective mutation on the β subunit of RNA polymerase that stimulated inducamide production. Inducamide C exhibits the strongest anticancer properties. The goal of the current project is to characterize the genes required for inducamide production by Streptomyces.  We determined the complete 9.8 million base-pair genome of SNC109-M3 in order to locate the hypothesized inducamide gene cluster. This revealed an approximately 18 kilobase-pair gene cluster encoding several proteins with hypothesized roles in inducamide biosynthesis. After construction of a clone library containing colonies of E. coli with 50 kilobase-pairs of randomly fragmented SNC109-M3 DNA ligated into a cosmid, PCR screening will be performed to locate the library member that contains the putative biosynthetic gene cluster. The gene cluster will be expressed in a heterologous Streptomyces host. After integration into the Streptomyces genome, production of inducamides will be quantified through LC/MS and HPLC-UV. Through the execution of the aforementioned methods, the establishment of the biosynthetic pathway for inducamides A-C will set the stage for generation of inducamide analogs, with the future goal being to synthesize increased efficiency anticancer compounds.