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NameMr. Seyedmorteza Hosseyni
OrganizationUniversity of South Floirda
TopicOrganic Chemistry

Alkynylation of vinyl ethers catalyzed by triazole-gold


S. Hosseyni, X. Shi

Author Location(s)

University of South Floirda


In this report, the gold-catalyzed intermolecular reaction of vinyl ethers and terminal alkynes is investigated. Utilizing a triazole gold catalyst lessens gold decomposition in the presence of the vinyl ether and affords an alkynylation product instead of the [2 + 2] product. This protocol has been expanded to include glycal substrates, which undergo a one-pot alkynylation–Ferrier reaction to produce functionalized sugars in moderate to excellent yields with high diastereoselectivity.