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NameMs. Vanessa Susi

Chloride Analysis of Environmental Water Resources in SWFL


Vanessa Susi, Ju Chou

Author Location(s)

Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers, FL


The Chloride Analysis of Environmental Water Resources in SWFL project focuses on the analysis of chloride levels in variable bodies of water in the Lee and Collier counties of Southwest Florida. Previous research directs attention to the concerning impact of increasing chloride concentrations on aquatic organisms, marine ecosystems, and regional aquifers. Our research aims to utilize geographical input to identify trends related to the chloride concentrations and establish average ranges for expected chloride levels in local regions of SWFL. On-site data collection included measurements of chloride concentrations, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen by Vernier probes in various bodies of water spanning from inland lakes and ponds to estuaries entering the Gulf of Mexico. Data was analyzed in conjunction with mapping software to observe potential correlations between chloride concentrations and environmental conditions. Our findings supported an expected increase of chloride concentrations from inland bodies of water to higher salinity waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Variations of chloride concentration patterns were highest between bodies of freshwater, likely dependent on surrounding conditional factors. Common factors influencing chloride concentrations include industrial exposure, proximity to heavily populated or residential areas, and runoff conditions, with sea water intrusion contributing to major changes. The study incorporated consideration for such factors in data analysis and the relationship to potential environmental impacts.