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NameMr. Stephen Motika
OrganizationChemistry Department at University of South Florida
TopicOrganic Chemistry

Recent advances in Homogenous Gold Catalysis: Constructing Carbon Heterocycles Containing Nitrogen-Boron Bonds


Stephen Motika; Xiaodong Shi

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University of South Florida


The combination of triazole/gold (TA-Au) and Cu(OTf)2 is identified as the optimal catalytic system for promoting intramolecular hydroboration for the synthesis of a six-membered cyclic amine–borane. Excellent yields (up to 95 %) and regioselectivities (5-exo vs. 6-endo) were achieved through catalyst control and sequential dilution. Good functional-group tolerance was attained, thus allowing the preparation of highly functionalized cyclic amine–borane substrates, which could not be achieved using other methods. Deuterium-labeling studies support the involvement of a hydride addition to a gold-activated alkyne with subsequent C−B bond formation